The Aluminium Industry of the Future working group has the mandate to prioritize and implement actions allowing the Quebec aluminum industry to remain competitive to ensure its sustainability on the world stage.

Head of the working group

Stéphane Bertrand
514 237-4319

Launched in 2018, the Aluminium Industry of the Future project mobilized all stakeholders in the value chain aiming to compile the necessary information to ensure the industry’s sustainability. Hence, many strategic axes have been identified to conduct specialized studies :

  1. Energy efficiency
  2. Equipment and specialized suppliers’ competitiveness
  3. Patents and intellectual property
  4. Adoption of digital technologies
  5. Cybersecurity
  6. Green ingot valorization
  7. Human capital valorization
  8. An eco-friendly industrial production

From these studies, more than a hundred recommendations have been issued. In order to implement the key recommendations and to enhance the role of the monitoring committee for the project, the Aluminium Industry of the Future was created in 2022.


Prioritize and carry out the actions allowing Québec’s aluminium industry to remain competitive, therefore ensuring its sustainability on the world stage.


  • Prioritize the recommendations made in the studies
  • Mobilize the aluminium ecosystem around the implementation of the prioritized recommendations
  • Elaborate an action plan
  • Develop an interactive tool to monitor the plan
  • Launch a cybersecurity project
  • Increase aluminium traceability and valorization projects to generate performance and productivity gains
  • Emphasize the importance to invest in the entire value chain of aluminium

Members of the working group

  • Gabriel Audet
    Ministère de l’Économie, de l’Innovation et de l'Énergie
  • Patrice Côté
    Dynamic Concept
  • Martin Tremblay
    Aluminerie Alouette
  • Danielle Coudé
  • Nicolas Dalmau
  • Anik Dubuc
    Association de l’aluminium du Canada
  • Martin Gingras
    Metra Aluminium
  • Pascal Lavoie
  • François Racine
  • Jean Simard
    Association de l’aluminium du Canada
  • Yves Tremblay
    Sefar BDH