Aluminium, an exceptional metal

Easily malleable, aluminium finds its place amongst a multitude of products and uses that leverage its unrivalled characteristics of durability and lightness. The service offering in Québec in terms of aluminium transformation answers manufacturing enterprises’ needs, facilitating the integration of aluminium in their products or their processes.

The ultimate symbol of a green material - aluminium recycles infinitely – it is the designated choice for contractors who are conscious of the environment and of sustainable development. Its lightness allied with its robustness improve the energetic efficiency of the rolling material, meanwhile its longevity decreases the total cost of ownership of the infrastructures that integrate aluminium.

Aluminium is available abundantly in the province thanks to the eight aluminium smelters and to the distributors that offer a complete range of aluminium alloys and products

Hundreds of processors mould the metal to adapt it to contractors and clients’ needs. The shaping processes such as extrusion, forge or casting mould the metal depending on the desired shape. Processed aluminium can be machined, cut with precision and folded in all shapes.

It is possible to treat surfaces and assemble many pieces to create structures of all dimensions. Different alloys improve mechanical properties including, its durability, its malleability or its resistance to corrosion. Possibilities are endless!