AluQuébec gathers aluminium producers, processors, equipment and specialized suppliers, R&D centres as well as educational institutions associated with the industry.

As a federative instance of the ecosystem, AluQuébec stimulates the growth and appreciation of the industry’s value chain around concrete solutions to develop its full potential and increase the use of the material.

AluQuébec’s role is to act as a lever for Québec’s aluminium industry by ensuring the consistency and convergence of stakeholders to facilitate and encourage global and promising actions that cater to the industry’s needs with beneficial repercussions in Québec all while ensuring a worldwide outreach.

Concretely, AluQuébec collaborates with members of the industry within working groups to establish stowed projects that cater to businesses’ needs. More so, AluQuébec promotes the use of aluminium and its integration into profitable sectors such as building, sustainable construction, infrastructure, bridges and footbridges, and transportation, notably by offering full technical support and training to support innovation and R&D via its Centre d’expertise et d’innovation sur l’aluminium (CeiAl).

The CeiAl’s team accompanies businesses, professionals and scholars to facilitate a better use of aluminium. The CeiAl is a reference in Québec when it comes to information, training on standards, alloys, constraints, etc. The CeiAl is also a partner in the development of design and concepts that carry out innovative projects involving aluminium.