Québec relies on more than 1,734 companies of first, second and third processing of aluminium throughout the province. Of the 38,000 jobs that constitute the industry, 80% (29,800) are concentrated on processing.

In Québec, manufacturers use aluminium to create finished products or components that are involved in the manufacturing of a multitude of merchandises. Québec’s service offer includes different processing procedures covering essential needs of contractors wishing to integrate more aluminium in the manufacturing of their finished products.

Active in many markets such as transportation, construction, infrastructure, aerospace, etc. Québec processors make profits averaging $11,6B annually.

Some examples of products issued from aluminium processing :


The extrusion process consists in submitting an aluminium cylindrical billet to a hydraulic press matrix so the metal emerges in the desired form. The pieces obtained are used in an array of applications, such as construction, transport and energy to name a few.


Forged aluminium allows the creation of three-dimensional pieces offering a greater resistance and an increased integrity. Aluminium is pressed, pounded or tightened by strong pressure, cold or hot. Pieces manufactured by forging are all designated for uses where performance, resistance and security are sought out, similarly to vehicles having to lighten their weight for better energetic performance.


Foundry is a simple and economical process that consists in pouring liquid metal into molds to produce a multitude of pieces. Different molding processes answer different needs: mass manufacturing, manufacturing of complex pieces in minor quantities or manufacturing of specialized pieces notably employed in the aerospace industry.

Rolling process

The rolling process consists in reducing the thickness of aluminium ingots by compressing the metal in between two cylinders to create sheets or plaques, according to the desired thickness and durability.

Rods and cables

Smelters and cable manufacturers produce rods directly from the liquid metal. The rods are then combined to create electrical wires and cables.

If you have supply needs for processed aluminium, consult Québec’s aluminium distributors directory (in French) to find rods, tubes, plaques or extrusion suppliers, according to the desired alloys.