10 years for AluQuébec

10 years of making Québec's aluminium industry shine!

A few highlights.


On October 21st, 2013, during its first annual assembly, the Grappe industrielle de l’aluminium du Québec, la GIAQ, was officially launched; born from the willingness to increase the transformation of aluminium in Québec. To achieve its mandate, the cluster put in place targeted working groups.

GIAQ's Board of directors in 2013


The GIAQ becomes AluQuébec with the well-known logo and a website; website which will be entirely revamped in 2022!


Recognizing the importance of the aluminium industry for its wealth creation in Québec’s economy, the government reveals its Stratégie québécoise de développement de l’aluminium and gives AluQuébec a federative role over different actors of the sector.


With the objective to stimulate innovation in the transformation of aluminium, AluQuébec creates the Centre d’expertise sur l’aluminium (CeAl), built around concrete actions directly linked to the needs of current and potential users of aluminium.

AluQuébec reveals the results of the first Barometer for the transformation of aluminium, a study deepening the challenges of the industry and reinforcing the orientations and the strategic planning of the cluster. This year, the 8th edition of the Aluminium Barometer will be produced!



AluQuébec launches the Sustainable construction and buildings working group to increase the penetration level and to support the development of innovative applications in this sector.




The Québec government entrusts AluQuébec with the implementation of an aluminium industry of the future to ensure the Québec industry remains competitive by adapting and developing new technologies. During the year 2022, AluQuébec will be asked to assume responsibility for the progress of the project and therefore creates the Aluminium Industry of the Future working group.

AluQuébec and Alcoa Innovation materialized the Architectural Ideas Contest to encourage an innovative use of aluminium in the buildings sector. The presented concepts of the contest highlighted the versatility, the lightness, the malleability and the recyclability of the grey metal.




AluQuébec initiates a project of Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for four families of products (doors, windows, curtain walls, and coating and panels). This project will be reappointed in 2023 for products originating from the transformation of aluminium.

AluQuébec organizes the very first edition of the Défi Structure-Al aiming to sensitize future professionals to the use of aluminium in the building, infrastructures and construction sectors. The contest, held in the span of four days, merges students of all cycles of engineering (civil, building and construction), architecture as well as industrial and environmental design. This year, AluQuébec will celebrate its 4th edition of the Défi Structure-Al!

Vidéo de l'édition 2022 du Défi Structure-Al 

To optimize the use of aluminium in infrastructures such as bridges and footbridges, AluQuébec publishes on its website the Directory for footbridges designed and/or fabricated in Québec, with the oldest, the Pont Blanc, celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2021, without any maintenance necessary. Many other directories will be created and published on AluQuébec’s website over the years.


The Alcoa Innovation team integrates AluQuébec and therefore creates a reference point for technical expertise for the entire aluminium industry. To solidify this integration, the CeAl becomes the CeiAl (Centre d’expertise et d’innovation sur l’aluminium d’AluQuébec) in 2021 and puts forward a complete offer of technical services.


AluQuébec, via its Centre d’expertise et d’innovation sur l’aluminium, writes and publishes a Manual of geometric properties of extruded aluminium sections (handbook). This manual is the first of its kind in Québec and aims to allow professionals to facilitate the use of aluminium in their projects. An update, as well as an English version of the handbook will be made available in 2023.

To help customers and clients with the writing of a list of technical information for the construction of an aluminium footbridge, AluQuébec’s Centre d’expertise et d’innovation sur l’aluminium (CeiAl), publishes an interactive document covering all angles that should be regarded by the client for their call for tenders.


AluQuébec publishes on its website the Alu-Compétences portal, which offers turnkey content on aluminium for collegial and university teaching, as well as for any enterprise or professional that wishes to deepen their knowledge of the material. The industry has been waiting for such a remarkable tool in order to ensure a qualified workforce as it relates to the use of aluminium. Ask for your free access to the portal today!