This large-scale project aims to produce and distribute technical and scientific content for the teaching of aluminum at the college and university levels BUT ALSO for any company or professional wishing to deepen their knowledge of the material.

Alu-Compétences wishes, through its content, to enrich the training of future and current professionals on the concepts surrounding aluminum. It also aims to encourage educational institutions to use their ability to adapt training programs to better meet the needs of businesses in the aluminum industry by ensuring a pool of qualified labor.

Alu-Compétences educational materials are developed by the CeiAl of AluQuébec with the valuable collaboration of industry professionals and teachers from Quebec. To facilitate its use and dissemination, we find different themes (assembly, aluminum in architecture, etc.) in different forms (case study, PPT, video, etc.).

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To support this project, several partners have joined forces with Alu-Compétences. In addition to CeiAl d’AluQuébec and the CSMO, let us mention the government of Quebec, Rio Tinto, Desjardins – Caisse de l’Énergie et des Ressources Naturelles, CQRDA, RÉGAL, Groupe Agéco and Hatch.

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