As a federative instance of aluminium’s ecosystem, AluQuébec stimulates its development, its valorization and its use in Québec. 


Leader of a greener, more performing and synergic aluminium ecosystem allowing an increased transformation and a broader use of aluminium with people at the heart of its success.

Our core values


Our catalytic and convening role fosters the synergy between stakeholders and allows us to be proactive in finding solutions as well as highlighting the use of aluminium wherever needed, enabling us to have a major impact on all spheres of the ecosystem to eventually develop an culture based on aluminium.


With an open mind, we work closely with our partners to achieve our common objective by combining innovative ideas and by supporting each other for the sake of the industry’s growth and outreach.


We act with transparency to ensure that we share precise, complete and accessible information, in accordance with trust rules. We choose to share our knowledge, our achievements and our projects for better information sharing within the ecosystem so everyone can adequately accomplish their role in order to create a strong, acknowledged and renowned industry.


We are enthusiastic to be working in a progressing and excelling perspective all while rallying the ecosystem’s stakeholders around promising projects devoted to the development of aluminium and the industry’s overall performance.