To introduce students to the use of aluminium and to encourage innovation in the sector of construction, AluQuébec organizes the Défi Structure-Al annually.

It is a four-day competition aimed to students of all cycles of engineering, architecture and design from diverse universities in the province. In multidisciplinary teams, participants must design and virtually dimension a building structure (which is announced at the beginning of the competition) including a fixed percentage of aluminium. Evidently, the built structure must be functional and stable.

For most students, it is their first opportunity to integrate aluminium and they can count on a dedicated and experienced team of experts to accompany them until the end.

Additionally, trainings and conferences are offered to students to ensure they have all the tools at hand to successfully accomplish the challenge! At the end of the weekend, teams have to display and argue their concept in front of a well-seasoned jury.

Watch the video of the 2022 edition (In French)

Watch the video of the 2021 edition (In French)
Watch the video of the first edition in 2019 (In French)