Introducing a new 3D extrusion technology for aluminum

22 février, 11 h

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z.trusion® - unlocking new design freedom for mass-producing industries

This webinar will be presented in English

Want to learn how to upgrade your 2D extruder to output profiles with varying 3D cross sections in a matter of minutes? In this session the z.trusion® founder and inventor will introduce you to the new patented z.trusion® technology and exemplify what it can enable; ranging from material savings in vehicle beams, combination of functions & lightweight design of fast charging battery packs (under 6 minutes), how to achieve beautiful surface finishes and branding in profiles without need for machining, how to reduce your products carbon footprint and recyclability and much, much more. Don't miss out!


Mark Jansson Kragh – CIO Reliefed Technologies - AluQuébec
Mark Jansson Kragh – CIO Reliefed Technologies



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