Transformation processes

Primary processing

Most common uses of aluminium require that the pure metal be alloyed to optimize the properties needed for its intended end use. Québec's aluminium casthouses produce sheet, foundry and remelt ingot, extrusion billet and rod in a variety of shapes and alloys. This is the first step in aluminium processing.

Québec’s value proposition

In Québec, the Rio Tinto Alcan, Alcoa, Alouette and Sotrem-Maltech casting facilities produce many types of alloys.

Wrought alloys (in the form of sheet ingot, extrusion billet, forging stock and rod):

  • 1000 series (minimum 99% aluminium content): used primarily in packaging.
  • 2000 series (aluminium-copper): used principally in the aerospace and military industries.
  • 3000 series (aluminium-manganese): used mainly in heat exchangers and packaging.
  • 4000 series (aluminium-silicon): used in specific products, including pistons.
  • 5000 series (aluminium-magnesium): designed primarily for rolling and used in naval construction, transportation, packaging and the chemical industry.
  • 6000 series (aluminium-magnesium-silicon): designed for extruding, rolling and forging, this alloy is used in a number of structural applications (framing, towers, etc.), as well as in the construction, transportation and aeronautics industries.
  • 7000 series (aluminium-zinc): used primarily in aeronautics for its high strength.

Cast alloys (in the form of T-ingot, sows or small form ingot):

  • 100 series (minimum 99% aluminium content): used primarily in the rotors of electric motors.
  • 200 series (aluminium-copper): used principally in the aerospace and military industries.
  • 300 series (aluminium-magnesium and/or copper): used in most castings and numerous applications, mainly for the transportation, aerospace and construction industries.
  • 400 series (aluminium-silicon): used in intricate applications (without heat treatment) that require high ductility.
  • 500 series (aluminium-magnesium): used, among other things, in marine applications requiring high corrosion resistance or whose parts will be surface treated.
  • 700 series (aluminium-zinc-magnesium): used in applications requiring high-quality surfaces and excellent dimensional stability.
  • 800 series (aluminium-tin-copper [+silicon]): bushings and ball bearings.
Rio Tinto
Sotrem-Maltech Inc.