Transformation processes


A highly malleable metal, aluminium has many uses and can be found in numerous products that take advantage of its incomparable lightness and durability. Québec's value proposition in the field of aluminium processing can meet all the needs of manufacturers who wish to incorporate aluminium into their products or manufacturing processes.

A "green" material par excellence – it can be recycled indefinitely –, aluminium is the material of choice for OEMs that care about the environment and sustainable development. Its lightness and sturdiness enhance vehicle energy efficiency, while its durability reduces the total cost of ownership of infrastructure projects that incorporate it.

Québec has an abundant supply of aluminium, thanks to eight aluminium smelters and numerous recyclers that provide a wide range of alloys. Hundreds of processors use processes like extruding, forging and casting to form the metal into shapes to meet the needs of OEMs and customers/users. Processed aluminium can then be machined, precision cut and bent into any shape, or surface treated and joined with other parts to create structures of any size. Finally, many alloys can enhance its mechanical and other properties like durability, malleability and corrosion resistance. The possibilities are endless!

The mapping of the Québec aluminium processing industry commissioned by AluQuébec inventoried 1409 businesses – 923 manufacturers and 684 suppliers – in 13 industries that all make use of aluminium.

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