Transformation processes


Forged aluminium can be used to create three-dimensional parts with highest strength and structural integrity. During the forging process, aluminium is pressed, pounded or squeezed under great pressure, either hot or cold. Three different processes produce different types of parts. Open-die forging is ideal for creating larger components, closed-die forging is well-suited for more complex precision designs, while ring-rolled forging is used to produce high-strength ring-shaped parts. Forged parts are the perfect solution for applications requiring performance, resistance and safety, such as reducing vehicle weight to improve energy efficiency.

Québec’s value proposition

A leader in hot closed-die forging, Raufoss Canada specializes in the manufacture of auto parts. Its unique Extruform process combines forging and extruding by using hollow extruded parts that are forged into their final shape.

Raufoss Automotive