Transformation processes


Casting is an economic process in which liquid metal is poured into moulds to produce a wide array of products. There are many different casting processes to meet a variety of needs. High pressure die casting, low pressure or gravity casting metal into moulds is ideal for mass production; sand casting allows producing small quantities or single copies of more complex parts; and investment or lost-wax casting is used to produce highly specialized components, particularly for the aerospace industry.

Québec’s value proposition

Several Québec processors provide aluminium castings. One such company, AMT, has developed a very effective high vacuum die-casting process that can produce high-quality, high-integrity products. These parts can also be welded together.

Alcoa Howmet
Alphacasting Inc
AMT Inc.
CIF Métal Ltée.
Fonderie Fondalco
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Lemoltech Inc
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