The Ocean Group sets sail with aluminium!

The Ocean Group is a leader in integrated marine services. Thanks to the activities in its Île-aux-Coudres shipyard on the St. Lawrence River, this AluQuébec member is also a major aluminium processor, taking advantage of the incomparable properties of aluminium to build both small and medium-tonnage floating equipment.


The shipyard produces a wide variety of ships, floating wharves and marine trailers with a design emphasis on aluminium. Approximately one-third of the vessels built in its indoor dry dock or exterior dock are equipped with aluminium hulls and structures. Taking advantage of the durability and malleability inherent in specially chosen 5000 series aluminium alloys, these ships are put together and outfitted with extruded or machined aluminium parts that are both lightweight and sturdy. Footbridges, ladders, lamps and several other ship components (too numerous to list) are generally manufactured out of aluminium. The Ocean Group also specializes in the repair of aluminium ships, thanks to its expert personnel trained in the art of welding.

In addition to being a shipbuilder, the Ocean Group designs and manufactures floating equipment that it uses to provide a variety of marine services like dredging, harbour towing, marine transportation and marine salvage. Consult the Ocean Group Website for more information on this interesting, multifaceted company.