Mecfor : Local equipment supplier shares its expertise with aluminium smelters around the world!

Mecfor has been producing heavy equipment since its founding in 1987. Building on its experience serving forestry and pulp and paper companies, in 1999 Mecfor became a key player in the productivity and profitability of Québec aluminium smelters. Its expertise in developing innovative solutions to meet the needs expressed by local primary aluminium producers is now exported and recognized worldwide.


Mecfor designs, manufactures and supports technical solutions for the alumina and aluminium markets. Its mobile equipment includes various types of specialized vehicles such as haulers, multifunctional vehicles and crucible manipulators customized to the productivity and profitability demands of primary aluminium producers. At the same time, its stationary equipment is used for specific operations involved in the processing of alumina into aluminium; this includes anode slot cutting machines, automated dross skimming stations and electrolysis pot delining stations. The company has also developed solutions expressly for aluminium processors, like roll trailers, roll handlers and roll bearing tilting tables. Finally, it supplies specialized trailers for transporting finished products such as ingots, sows and extrusion billets.

Some Mecfor products



Since entering the international market in 2000, Mecfor has sold its solutions in over 15 countries. Exports now represent over 60% of its sales volume.

In 2009, the company began to diversify, creating equipment for the mining and rail industries. Mecfor is a member of the Ceger Group, which is also active in the fields of construction, engineering and real estate. Visit the Mecfor Website for more information.