MAADI Group designs and builds an aluminum bridge able to withstand extreme weather conditions

Engineering firm MAADI Group responded with resounding success to the mandate for a service/work bridge connecting two offshore platforms. Aluminum, with its light weight and resistance to salt water corrosion, was the obvious choice of material for this service bridge.

In fact, the project saw MAADI Group produce the longest aluminum utility service bridge in the company’s history. Measuring 46.3 metres in length, the bridge had to meet a number of rigorous demands, including resistance to ocean storm surges and the flexibility to bear loads well in excess of its intended capacity. The result is a structure that can rotate and react to ocean movement. Under harsh conditions of shifting caused by water and wind, the bridge was engineered to account for movement of up to 1 meter, and withstand shear loads of up to 68 tons.

In-depth testing and analyses

Built with ingenuity that is unique to MAADI Group, the aluminum pedestrian bridge weighs a total of 13 tons, 2 tons less than the maximum capacity of the cranes on the offshore platforms. The bridge’s overall lighter weight was a key factor in the bridge’s design and installation.

MAADI Group carried out a series of highly rigorous tests prior to delivering the bridge to the installation site. In addition to ensuring compliance with the codes and standards in effect, the tests aimed to measure the bridge’s vertical deviation under a distributed load equivalent to 80 workers crossing it at the same time. Mission accomplished!

Once dismantled, the structure was loaded into containers and onto a ship to make the long journey to its final destination: the southern hemisphere.

Extensive expertise

To create pedestrian bridges and marine structures that are durable, recyclable and require zero maintenance during their life cycle, the engineers at MAADI Group draw on the structural and economic benefits offered by aluminum castings and extrusions.

MAADI Group has once again set itself apart through its design of this one-of-a-kind structure that showcases the firm’s solid experience in the construction of aluminum structures.

To view the rigorous testing process that the bridge was put through prior to its delivery, click here.