AluQuébec: a key player in Québec’s aluminium development strategy

Québec’s aluminium development strategy, launched on June 19, 2015, recognizes the aluminium industry as a major economic benefit for the province, and AluQuébec is expected to play a crucial role in implementing the strategy. The government plans to build on the momentum of AluQuébec’s work in coordinating Québec’s aluminium processing industry and equipment suppliers.

AluQuébec is fully committed to the success of Québec’s aluminium development strategy

Jean-Luc Trahan, President and CEO of AluQuébec

A number of initiatives in Québec’s aluminium development strategy directly involve AluQuébec. Below is a summary of the measures designed to help achieve the goal of doubling the amount of aluminium processed in the province over the next decade, a target set by both AluQuébec and the Québec government in its aluminium development strategy.

Objective 1: Create an environment conducive to aluminium processing

Facilitate access to aluminium

  • Role of AluQuébec: Ensure Québec processors can meet their aluminium procurement needs
    • Provide training on financial markets and risk management
    • Organize a networking and knowledge-sharing forum for aluminium processors and vendors in cooperation with the Aluminium Association of Canada (AAC)
    • Identify processors’ aluminium procurement needs
  • AluQuébec working group: Procurement

Reinforce the value chain

  • Role of AluQuébec: Continue mapping of processing facilities
    • Identify promising markets and weaknesses in the supply chain
    • Guide lobbying and investment efforts
  • AluQuébec working group: Procurement

Promote the use of aluminium

  • Role of AluQuébec: Intensify actions by existing AluQuébec working groups responsible for promoting the use of aluminium
    • Promote existing stakeholders and technologies in the Québec value chain
    • Foster the development of Québec-made solutions for bridges and other infrastructure in cooperation with public sector clients
    • Promote the use of aluminium parts in transportation equipment
    • Document techniques in aluminium processing available in Quebec
    • Facilitate networking with potential North American and European clients
  • AluQuébec working group: Branding, Business Opportunities, and Innovation/R&D

Objective 2: Reinforce the Québec Aluminium Industry

Boost innovation capacity

  • Role of AluQuébec – In cooperation with Ministère de l’Éducation, de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche, determine what types of university training are required in the industry and encourage universities to meet those needs
  • Improve training of engineers, architects, and industrial designers in the use of aluminium
  • Adapt content of courses dispensed by universities and professional orders
  • AluQuébec working group: Training
  • Role of AluQuébec: Share expertise on the use of aluminium:
    Set up a technical support, training, and design assistance service for professionals who wish to use aluminium
    • Encourage and facilitate greater use of aluminium in buildings, infrastructure, and transportation equipment
    • Educate professionals about standards, building codes, the advantages and potential uses of aluminium, and design technologies and tools
  • AluQuébec working group: Training

Objective 3: Ensure industry competitiveness

Spur the growth of small businesses in the industry

  • Role of AluQuébec: Set up a working group for equipment and specialized suppliers
    • This working group’s mandate is yet to be determined
  • AluQuébec working group: Equipment Suppliers (to be launched in 2015)

Québec’s aluminium development strategy has earmarked an additional $2.32 million over three years for AluQuébec to carry out these measures.

Make Aluquébec’s expertise available to government and institutional partners

The Québec aluminium development strategy identifies AluQuébec as the main instrument of industry cooperation. In addition to its regular duties, AluQuébec is to liaise with other groups responsible for various strategy measures:

  • Oversight committee – in cooperation with the Québec government
  • Finding foreign investors – in cooperation with Investissement Québec, Société de la Vallée de l’aluminium (SVA) and Ministère de l’Économie, de l’Innovation et des Exportations (MEIE)
  • Networking with potential clients – in cooperation with Sous-traitance industrielle Québec (STIQ)
  • Use of aluminium in road infrastructure – in cooperation with Ministère des Transports du Québec (MTQ)
  • Showcasing new aluminium products in government buildings – in cooperation with Société québécoise des infrastructures (SQI) and Société d’habitation du Québec (SHQ)
  • Collaboration between R&D stakeholders – in cooperation with all members of the aluminium R&D community