SAO PAULO (Reuters) - The U.S. Treasury is open to removing Russian aluminum producer Rusal from a U.S. sanctions list, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Friday, adding the objective was “not to put Rusal out of business.”

Canada’s Liberal government will seek to address competitiveness challenges faced by the nation’s businesses in a budget update later this year amid pressure to respond to U.S. tax reform.

Canada is in a global innovation race, competing with countries around the world for the most talented people, the newest technologies, and the fastest-growing companies. As part of  the...

The Pôle d’excellence québécois en transport terrestre and AluQuébec partner for the organization of the 8th edition of the Rendez-vous du transport.

AluQuébec is a leading exponent at the AQTr’s 51st Salon des transports

Québec’s aluminium development strategy recognizes the aluminium industry as a major economic benefit for the province.

Engineering firm built a service bridge connecting two offshore platforms

AluQuébec helps aluminium cluster businesses connect with the world's most prestigious OEMs.

Groupe Ocean is an aluminium processor active in the naval industry.