AluQuébec - Aluminum

Rio Tinto

Five aluminium smelters and 5,700 Québec employees

Rio Tinto is one of five product groups operated by Rio Tinto, a leading international mining group. A global leader in the aluminium industry, Rio Tinto supplies high-quality bauxite, alumina and aluminium.

Rio Tinto operates five aluminium smelters in Québec and several casthouses that supply a variety of semi-products to the aluminium processing industry.

Primary production

Grande-Baie Works

  • Annual production: 200,000 metric tons
  • Products: rolling slab (sheet ingot), remelt ingot



Laterrière Works

  • Annual production: 230,000 metric tons
  • Products: rolling slab (sheet ingot)



Alma Works

  • Annual production: 440,000 metric tons
  • Products: foundry alloys (T bar), wire rod, remelt ingot



Arvida Works

  • Annual production: 160,000 metric tons
  • Products: extrusion billet, remelt ingot



Arvida Aluminium Smelter, AP60 Technology Centre

  • Annual production: 60,000 metric tons



Primary processing

Beauharnois casting centre

  • Annual production: 45,000 metric tons
  • Products: foundry alloys (small form ingot)

Dubuc Works

  • Annual production: 20,000 metric tons
  • Products: specialty products