February 10, 2021

Vibration serviceability design of pedestrian bridges (in English)


This webinar will provide an in-depth knowledge on the methods currently employed for the vibration serviceability design of pedestrian bridges under human-induced walking loads. First, a brief overview of the design methods by different design codes and standards such as the CSA S6, Eurocode 5, ISO 10137, SÉTRA and HIVOSS will be provided. The core of this presentation will be a detailed discussion on the step-by-step design methodology by the most widely used SÉTRA guideline along with hands-on training to design pedestrian bridges. This presentation will conclude with pointing the current limitations of the design methods and accordingly presenting the recommendations from recent research findings for better design of such bridges.


  • Introduction
  • Modelling walking loads
  • Fundamentals of vibration serviceability design
  • Overview of different pedestrian bridge standards
  • Design methods by SÉTRA guideline
  • Design examples
  • Recent research findings on pedestrian bridge design
  • Conclusions

Registration : Sophie Clermont,