The role of AluQuébec

AluQuébec: Coordinating the Québec aluminium processing industry

AluQuébec co-ordinates working groups that create synergies between national and international customers/users and companies active in the Québec aluminium industry. Acting as a catalyst for the efforts of the Québec Aluminium Cluster's constituents, the organization brings together OEMs, producers, processors, equipment suppliers and research, development and training centres to work on major concrete projects.

The goal of AluQuébec is to double the aluminium processed in the province over the next decade and to support the activities of equipment suppliers.

Consequently, AluQuébec works to promote and recognize the expertise of the Québec companies that supply equipment to smelters, processors and users of aluminium, both at home and abroad.

Furthermore, AluQuébec represents its constituents in their dealings with OEMs and companies interested in incorporating more aluminium into the manufacture of their products. Its "business development " service works to create alliances between potential clients and the cluster's aluminium processors.

A provincial cluster

The very first recommendation of the 2006 Canadian Aluminium Transformation Technology Roadmap was to create an organization to coordinate all the players in the aluminium processing industry. In 2012, the innovative industrial cluster model put forth by the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal (CMM) in its 2010-2015 Economic Development Plan was selected to make this collaborative effort become a concrete reality. AluQuébec is the eighth cluster founded by the CMM, with the support of the Quebec and Canadian governments and private partners. The Aluminium Cluster is notable for its province-wide importance, with primary producers operating in Québec's resource-rich regions, processing plants and equipment suppliers located across the province, and customers/users and OEMs found in the Montreal metropolitan region and around the globe.