Working groups are the means by which AluQuebec  reaches its objectives. AluQuébec carries out all its initiatives via the activities of six working groups, which bring together the various constituents of the Aluminium Cluster within a flexible structure that offers maximum manoeuvrability.

The working groups' mandates directly address the issues raised by the industry during the development of the Aluminium Cluster's business plan. The challenges, objectives and activities of each working group were then discussed and documented in the 2013-2015 Action Plan of the organization that became known as AluQuébec.

The work done by AluQuébec is determined solely by the need statements drafted by its working groups.

Working groups are usually headed by two co-chairs and made up of a critical mass of members representative of the Cluster constituents involved in reaching that particular group's objectives.

AluQuébec's working groups provide the ideal framework for OEMs to meet and coordinate with equipment suppliers and processors in the Québec Aluminium Cluster.