Infrastructure and Bridges


  • Help Québec suppliers prepare responses to calls for tender involving the construction or repair of short-span bridges with more components or sub-assemblies made of aluminium.
  • Convince OEMs of the benefits of using more aluminium in the design of bridges and footbridges covered in such calls for tender, notably by having the project analysis include the concept of total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Address any gaps in the Québec aluminium value value chain pertaining to bridge and footbridge components made of aluminium.


  • Jacques Internoscia, Director, Strategic Programs, Aluminium Association of Canada
  • Michel Toupin, President, Constructions Proco


  • Pierre Achim, Rio Tinto
  • Sofiene Amira, CMQ
  • Charles-Darwin Annan, REGAL
  • Gabriel Audet, MESI
  • Denis Beaulieu, Consultant
  • Frédéric Chevalier, RTMQ
  • Alex de la Chevrotière, MAADI Group
  • Gilles Déry, CQRDA
  • Mario Fafard, REGAL
  • Jean Fournier, Canam-ponts, division de Groupe Canam
  • Patrick Gharzani, Acier profilé SBB
  • Éric Lévesque, Structal
  • Daniel Néron, Groupe CANMEC
  • Christophe Rigert, Norda Stelo
  • Daniel Robillard, METRA Aluminium
  • Charles Savard, WSP Canada
  • Dominic Vachon, Ville de Montréal