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Montreal, October 23, 2014 – The Québec Aluminium Industrial Cluster announced today it has signed a service agreement with Trans-Al Network, an industry organization that brings together Quebec aluminium processing companies as well as manufacturers of specialized equipment. This agreement allows both organizations to strengthen their synergies in order to continue mapping the Quebec aluminium industry, a process begun in early 2014. The announcement was made at the annual provincial meeting of Trans-Al Network on October 22, 2014.

Luc Roby, CEO of AluQuébec and
Jean Paré, Chairman of the Board of Trans-Al Network.

Further mapping for a clear view of our industry

Trans-Al Network completed the first phase of mapping the Quebec aluminium industry last spring. This enabled it to draw a clear picture of the services of Quebec aluminium processing companies and equipment suppliers and generate visibility. It illustrates the dynamism of an industry active in several markets across the province of Quebec. The grey metal is key to the activities of more than 1400 manufacturers and suppliers that leverage its unique qualities.

The signing of the service agreement between AluQuébec and Trans-Al Network will strengthen collaboration between two major industry organizations to continue the work of mapping potential markets and identifying possible gaps in the supply chain. Mapping will also be used in the calculation of economic indicators measuring the achievement of Cluster objectives, which are to double aluminium processing in the next 10 years and support equipment suppliers.

AluQuébec acts as a catalyst for the aluminium industry, and the mapping exercise will assist in reaching its goal of becoming the gateway to everything related to aluminium in Quebec. The tool will help direct potential clients/users to suppliers able to meet their needs or submit bids. It is therefore a powerful sales tool at the service of the entire processing industry and its equipment suppliers.

“For more than a year, we’ve been working in synergy with various key players in the aluminium industry. We continue, day after day, to position the services of Quebec’s Aluminium Industrial Cluster by putting customers in touch with processors and the entire value chain with which we work,” says Luc Roby, Chief Executive Officer of AluQuébec. Global demand for aluminium is growing steadily, and the consultative initiative by Jacques Daoust, Minister of the Economy, Innovation and Exports, on a Quebec strategy for the development of the aluminium industry comes at a great time. It will highlight what has been done and maximize our joint efforts to promote our industry. We have to spread the word about everything produced in Quebec, from raw materials to processed products, not to mention the proven expertise of equipment suppliers!”

About AluQuébec - The Québec Aluminium Industrial Cluster

AluQuébec creates synergies by building connections between clients/users and stakeholders in the Quebec aluminium industry. It brings together producers, processors, equipment suppliers and research, development and training centres to work on major concrete projects with the goal of doubling aluminium processing in Quebec over a period of 10 years.

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