AluQuébec introduces Québec processing companies to Tesla Motors

A delegation of Québec aluminium cluster businesses recently made major inroads in the "land-based transportation" market, thanks to an initiative of AluQuébec's "Business opportunities" working group devoted to this field. On November 6, representatives from three Québec processing companies and one research centre met in California with engineers, designers and buyers from Tesla Motors, the world's premier electric car manufacturer. 


From left to right: Martin Hartlieb, AluQuébec Director of Business Development; Frédéric Jean, AMT Die Casting; Thorbioern Hoeiland and Brian Hibbard, Raufoss; Simon Desrosiers, AMT Die Casting; Jerome Fourmann, Rio Tinto Alcan; Mélissa Després and Guillaume D’Amours, NRCC.

Tesla representatives were impressed by the quality and variety of the services provided by the Québec Aluminium Cluster and the visit produced immediate results. At the time of writing, all three processing companies were already drawing up bids in response to need statements from the automaker, while scientist members of the cluster were working out the details of a research project with the company.

Business development at AluQuébec

Martin Hartlieb, AluQuébec's Director of Business Development, is a member of all the cluster's "Business opportunities" working groups. Keeping in mind the markets and priorities targeted by these working groups, Martin approaches current and potential aluminium users around the world. He finds them using his impressive network of personal contacts or meets them at the major international trade shows that he attends on his own or on behalf of AluQuébec.

Martin never leaves home without AluQuébec's marketing presentation. This incomparable reference tool showcases all the Québec Aluminium Industrial Cluster's activities. The presentation describes the cluster's constituents, who are primary aluminium producers, equipment suppliers, major processing companies, recyclers and research centres. Martin's pitch also includes the mapping of the Québec aluminium processing industry commissioned by AluQuébec, which lists 1409 businesses that use or process aluminium. OEMs can then identify the businesses most likely to meet their needs or with whom they would like to initiate discussions.

To bring potential clients and suppliers together, Martin can organize a "Technology Day" at the client's premises, set up an informal exploratory meeting or simply help both parties exchange contact information. Once the customary handshakes are out of the way, Martin steps back and lets the businesses involved determine how they would like to work together.