Secretariat team

MARIE LAPOINTE, is the Chief Executive Officer. She obtained more than 25 years of senior executive experience at Rio Tinto. Building on her bachelor's degree in engineering (in general engineering), Marie developed management and marketing skills and became a marketing and strategic analysis specialist. 

Marie leads the implementation of plans and projects drawn up by the Board of Directors and the cluster’s working groups. She builds on support services provided to aluminum sector businesses by adapting them their specific needs. She supports working group actions and helps them when necessary. She produces and manages a business plan linked to the development of business partnerships. Through her actions, she promotes and facilitates synergies between contract givers, manufacturers and suppliers to promote the cluster’s role, to provide information and to attract manufacturers and partners.

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VÉRONIQUE AUCLAIR helps to develop and implement AluQuébec and CeAl's communications actions. She plans and oversees logistics and promotions related to the Cluster's events and marketing efforts.

Véronique has been a communications professional for nearly 20 years. These including stints as communications director at Développement économique de l'agglomération de Longueuil for seven years, where she played a significant role in enhancing the organization's reputation. Her economic development vision and experience enable her to fully grasp business's needs and the issues they face. Véronique holds a bachelor's degree in writing-communication from Université de Sherbrooke.

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ERIK HOULE is a project manager for the Centre d’expertise sur l’aluminium (CeAl). He began working at AluQuébec as a trainee in mechanical engineering from the École des technologies supérieures (ÉTS). He is now mandated to contribute to the deployment of the CeAL. His talent will be called upon namely to further the development and implementation of the training plan. He will also be involved in providing technical support for various projects in the industry, as well as in developing structural calculation tools with the ultimale goal of facilitating the use of aluminum.

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JACQUES INTERNOSCIA, is Director, Strategic Programs since October 1st, 2017. Jacques has been involved in the Cluster since 2016, as co-chair of the Infrastructure and bridges working group, as a member of the Transport Equipment working group, as responsible for co-ordinating the research and mapping of various research projects, particularly in Infrastructure and bridges for AluQuébec. He also helped to start the Centre d'expertise sur l'aluminium (CeAl). Until recently, Jacques Internoscia act as Director of Strategic Programs for the Aluminum Association of Canada (AAC). He was responsible for the organization, coordination and follow-up of sector-specific issues arising from the organization's strategic plan.

Jacques holds an MBA from the Université du Québec à Montréal and a bachelor's degree in Economic-Geography from Université de Montréal and McGill. He has more than thirty years of management experience in the mass transit and infrastructures sectors. He headed the Center of Expertise and Research on Infrastructures in Urban Areas (CERIU), was Associate Director at Investissement Québec, Director Corporate Planning at the STM and Surface Transportation Commissioner at Ville de Montréal.

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MARIE-ÉLAINE JACOME, is the project coordinator at AluQuébec and has been with the organization since October 2015. She brings to the table more than ten years of manufacturing sector experience. Having worked at Quebec Manufacturers and Exporters (QME), the province’s largest industrial organization, she has excellent knowledge of the industrial milieu. Marie-Élaine holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and has good marketing and customer relations skills.

Marie-Élaine’s role includes following up on cluster projects, from the development to completion stages. She has a global view of AluQuébec’s working group actions, which strategically contribute to the achievement of the cluster’s objectives. Marie-Élaine also overseas contacts between stakeholders and follows up on all working group projects.

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YASMINE KHOUANI is the project coordination assistant. She will collaborate in the logistics of meetings, the follow-up and the realization of AluQuébec's projects. Reporting to the project coordinator, Yasmine will contribute to the performance of the projects through her results and processes. She will also be asked to take action on the issue related to the impact of tariffs and countermeasures between Quebec processors and other countries. Yasmine graduated in international urban planning from the University of Québec in Montréal. She also holds a BA in Architecture from Saad Dahleb University in Bilda, Algeria. Her training and international experience make Yasmine a valuable collaborator who can certainly contribute to the achievement of the Cluster's objectives.

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FRANÇOISE LADOUCEUR is AluQuébec’s administration and finance coordinator. During the past 30 years, Françoise has acquired a broad range of experience in supporting administrative projects in various environnements, both on the associate side as well as for different cities and municipalities.

Françoise provides administrative support for the Cluster’s upper management. She coordinates board of director and executive committee meetings and the annual general assembly. She also oversees the management of accounting, financial operations and the organization’s budget.

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DAVID PRUD'HOMME, Eng., M. Eng., has been director of AluQuébec’s Centre d’expertise sur l’aluminium (CeAl) since November 2016. He has more than ten years of market development, project management and engineering experience. Through his work with a range of private companies, David participated in the design and optimization of aluminum products while rigorously implementing existing standards.

David's priority as CeAl director, is leading the center of expertise’s creation and deployment. He will work closely with all Québec aluminium sector stakeholders to accomplish this. This will enable him to inform sector professionals about aluminium-related standards, building codes, benefits, usage opportunities, as well as design technologies and tools. David will thus help to drive the aluminum processing sector’s growth and influence in Québec and elsewhere.

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Strategic Consultants

MARIO FAFARD, Ph.D., Eng., FCSCE is a consultant for AluQuébec’s Centre d’expertise sur l’aluminium (CeAl). His mandate consists in supporting the work of the CeAl director regarding all issues linked to the field of infrastructure and bridges. Mario’s tasks also include a participation in the deployment of the supporting committees in the area of training, as well as in innovation, research and development.

Mario is a civil engineer. He has worked at Laval University for 31 years. He founded the Aluminum Reseach Centre – REGAL which he directed until 2018, and was a NSERC/Alcoa industrial research chair holder. He has published over 250 scientific papers, and has trained and supervised 100 graduate-level students. He acted as a scientific advisor during the start-up of the NRC Aluminum Technology Centre. He worked with a team of research scientists on the design of aluminum flooring systems and continues to contribute to this aluminum bridge project.

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DENIS GIGUÈRE acts as a consultant for AluQuébec. Since 2016, Denis has ensured the leadership of the Equipment and Specialized Suppliers working group which includes about 40 Québec companies. Denis acquired an extensive knowledge of the aluminum industry working for almost 37 years for Alcan and Rio Tinto.

Holder of a bachelor’s degree in mechanical and civil engineering, he has worked mainly in the electrolysis sector of production, in continual improvement, in engineering, and at Rio Tinto’s regional economic development office in Saguenay. Denis wishes to pursue his work with enterprises in the aluminum industry with the view of increasing our collective wealth in Québec and contributing to the success of AluQuébec.

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LYSANE MARTEL, joined AluQuébec in March 2017. Her mandate is to increase the visibility of the cluster’s services among various industry stakeholders, to create synergies and thus promote increased aluminum processing in Québec. Lysane is a communications professional that has more than 25 years of experience, including 12 years at Alcoa where she was responsible for communications and public affairs. Lysane thus brings to the table a strong understanding of the issues and challenges facing the aluminum industry. She holds a Bachelor of Communications degree from Concordia University and a certificate in public relations from l’Université de Montréal.

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